New Design Studio is a hybrid of design practice and research laboratory that explores the potential of design for service and policy at the Design Department in UNIST. We work with various stakeholders with an aim to help create strategic alternatives for more sustainable future of our society.
A carbon-neutral art museum through speculation with future citizens
New Design Studio
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Opportunities and Challenges in Establishing a Living Lab for Mobility Innovation in Rural-Urban Fringe in Korea: a Design Lab’s Experience
Seongbeom Kim
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Prototyping as a Qualitative Inquiry in Fuzzy Front-End of New Service Development
Seunghoon Lee
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Future-proofing community interpreting volunteerism through design: a case of bbb Korea
Can human interpretation survive in an artificial intelligence jungle?
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Beyond Mere Listening: A User Experience Record Manual to Improve Accessibility of Public Mobile Applications for the Visually Impaired
Sungwon Jang
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My internship at New Design Studio and what I learned
Early in October 2020, I was jumping back and forth between UNIST design labs’ websites. It had been around seven...
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We are building culture and here it is.
It has been several months after starting to use the physical space assigned for our studio. For the first few months, it...
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Project Inquiry
Project requests are welcome. Please send us an email that includes your project details, such as the aim, scope, schedule and budget.
Join us as a crew
Undergraduate interns, master’s students, doctoral students and post-doctoral researchers. If you are interested in joining us, please first check out our Crew Manual and drop your portfolio and CV to the following email address:
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